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Our history

After a decade of continuous work in public health and bioethics research, teaching experience in psychology schools and health sciences, including medicine and bioethics, Julio Canario decided to found a company to contribute to the society with the knowledge he achieved with time and effort.

Working always accompanied with outstanding professionals who teamed up to deliver the best of themselves. That is how Etikos was born.


Our approach

Our approach

With an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, Etikos is oriented toward the accompaniment of institutional initiatives in the bioethical field, human rights, public ethic, organization-business ethics, ethics and environmental health, education, health interventions, and international cooperation.

Being partners in the knowledge generation and evidence creation through researching, monitoring, and evaluation; we focus on the search of strategies to addressing the social, health and human development challenges that morally meet us all.

Is not only a matter of information but of that which results useful to guiding a prudent decision-making and to act with excellency.


Know the team

Etikos is conformed of a competent and professional human team, characterized by its passion and dedication with each project, committed to collaborate and satisfy needs beyond contractual responsibilities by its own initiative, and with a special attention to the details.



Julio Arturo Canario Guzmán

Founder and Executive Director


Psychologist, Bioethicists, and with a master in Public Health, with an emphasis in psychosocial and behavioral research. He has been a founder member, president, and consultant in ethic research committees. Consultant on topics of public health, project monitoring, and evaluation, elaboration of protocols and guides for psychological practice.



Patrica Antonia Pérez Rosario

Associate Consultant


Lawyer, with a master in international cooperation for Development and master in international law and foreign relations. She was a senior analyst in the report about the 25 years of cooperation between the European Union and the Dominican Republic for the EU/DIGECOOM/Funglode.



Manuel Emilio Colomé Hidalgo

Associate Consultant


Doctor, Bioethicists, and Health Science Researcher. Experienced in Epidemiology Management and professor in the main Dominican universities. He is a member of the Spanish Epidemiology Society, the Dominican Hospital Epidemiology Society and secretary of the National Bioethics Commission.


 Angelina Sosa Lovera

Consultora Asociada


Psicóloga, con maestría en Salud Pública. Trabajó durante 11 años en el Ministerio de Salud como Encargada de Investigación y Proyectos de Salud Mental y como Coordinadora técnica. Fue la responsable de desarrollar proyectos de cooperación y diseño de programas de intervención locales, de desarrollar diferentes sistemas de monitoreo y evaluación y de vigilancia epidemiológica en salud mental incluyendo el Observatorio Nacional de Conducta Suicida.


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